One of the finest vocal talents you'll find
anywhere, Tangee can soothe an audience
with a sultry ballad, belt out the blues, and
keep them dancing all night with classic
tunes and the latest Pop, R&B and Top-40
hits.  Along with her band, she has played all
over the world including Columbia, Canada,
Argentina, Japan, Bolivia, the Dominican
Republic, Aruba, the Cayman Islands and
the U.S. Virgin Islands as well as performing
over 400 shows for U.S. Military personnel in
Panama and South Korea.  In the United
States, Tangee and her band have been
just about everywhere:  Las Vegas, Atlantic
City, New York, California and many stops in
between, performing at some of the
country's finest hotels, casinos, cruise ships
and resorts.  Playing a wide variety of music
to please any audience.  They're not just a
band...they're ENTERTAINMENT!